Yacht Delivery UK are currently involved with assisting an owner prepare his Élan 310 – Valkyrie for shipping to Hong Kong and onward delivery to the Philippines.

The day was spent testing out a new storm jib in Falmouth Harbour entrance in 25 to 40 knot of wind with 2.5 meter waves for added entertainment. We had been waiting for these ideal conditions for a few weeks and were blessed with lots of wind, waves and rain to match.

The boat was prepared with three reefs in the mainsail and the brand new storm jib. While out on the water the boat was well balanced with this sail configuration only being overpowered a few times when the wing reached the top end of 30 knots. After three hours of upwind and downwind sailing testing was complete and another item was ticked off the list for boat preparation.

Our next event before delivering Valkyrie to Southampton will be the final out of water reparation which will include blue antifouling with orange rudders, functional test of all onboard equipment, book hoist out in Southampton and rig removal prior to shipping.

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Testing Elan 310 Valkyrie storm sails