Recent deliveries

Some of Our Favourites

Southampton - Sardinia on the new Swan 48

Another fantastic delivery with more than its fair share of complications! 

Autopilot malfunctions, electronic helix furler failures and elusive Sardinian customs officials in Alghero were some of the challenges, however the 8.5 knot average speed, freshly caught tuna and minimal engine use easily made up for it. 

2089 Nm – 17 days including a pitstop in Gibraltar 

June 2024

Ipswich - Isle of Wight on a Tradewinds 35

Captain Jim took command of this yacht delivery. The yacht’s new owner needed her transported to the River Medina for maintenance before they embarking on their trip south to the Mediterranean. With the changing weather, timing was crucial and allowed us to sail for the majority of the passage across the Thames and then west along the South coast.

200Nm – 2 days

February 2024

Eastbourne - Hayling on a Trident Voyager 35

Leaving Sovereign Harbour at the crack of dawn to catch the west bound tide, Skipper Toby and crew Johanna rounded Beachy Head dressed for the weather! Anchoring in Chichester Harbour overnight, awaiting high tide and sunrise before making shallow and unlit approach to Hayling Island Yacht Company Marina. Our first yacht delivery of 2024 was a great success!

60Nm – 2 days 

January 2024

Plymouth - South Portugal on a Clipper Ketch 42

One of our favourite yacht deliveries of 2024. After an exhilarating beam reach Biscay crossing, including a very close encounter with a breaching Sperm Whale, thick fog engulfed us for 24 hours and we felt very fortunate to have RADAR. 3 days later we were greeted in Vila Real de Santo António by a delighted Owner. Good luck to Inca and her owners on their Mediterranean adventures, glad we could help.

1018 Nm – 8 days in October 2023

Apha 42 commissioning, tuition and delivery!

Before our team set off to deliver this Alpa 42 ketch to Plymouth, Our Skipper, Toby, was in Lisbon readying her for sea after a major refit. Once ready, Owner and family jumped onboard for a windy week of Own Boat Tuition on the Portuguese coast. After which the rest of the YDUK team arrived in Cascais for the delivery to Plymouth, UK. Check out the delivery video, featuring friendly dolphins, Man O war jellyfish and even fireworks, on our Instagram or Facebook profile!

760 Nm –  5 days plus 7 days Own Boat Tuition 

September 2024

Falmouth to Pwllheli on Tandx Lady

Having carried out extensive checks on this motorsailer before  delivery, we set off to round the Lizard peninsula on a beautiful Sunday morning. Before we were even past the Helford river, the engine battery light had come on due to a fault in the alternator wiring. After a quick diagnosis we fixed the problem using jump cables and rejoiced at seeing the battery back at 14V and charging. Check out the delivery video on our Instagram or Facebook page!

240 Nm – 2 days in August 2023

Owner assisted delivery Swansea to Isle of Man

Our client of course did not want to miss out on his first sailing yacht’s maiden voyage and he did not regret it. Both skipper, Toby and the client were marine wildlife enthusiasts and so, took many short detours to observe bait balls and feeding dolphins whilst rounding St. Davids Head in the Westerly. Then came an exhilarating 24 hour run north to the West coasts of the Isle of Man. 

Check out the yacht delivery video on our Instagram or Facebook page!

245 Nm –  2 days

July 2024